Marybeth Graham PhD; Michele Iemolo PsyD; Dina Hill PhD
Marybeth Graham is a bilingual licensed clinical psychologist with experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children with neurodevelopmental & psychiatric disorders. For the past five years, Dr. Graham has worked with the UNM Center for Development and Disability in the Autism Division.

Michele Iemolo is a licensed psychologist with experience in the screening, assessment, diagnosis, & treatment of children with Autism and related neurodevelopmental disabilities. Dr. Iemolo has experience in treatment approaches for children & families including applied behavior analysis, dance therapy, & parent coaching programs.

Dina Hill is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist with experience in the assessment and diagnosis of children with genetic, neurological, & neurodevelopmental disorders. Over the past three years, Dr. Hill has worked with the UNM COD Prenatal Exposures Clinic and on a UNM grant investigating the effects of prenatal exposure on the developing child.